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We are an imaginative team of engineers, investors and entrepreneurs solving interesting problems with software.

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We Are Nunuworks.

We are a team of creative people with engineering backgrounds building software applications that makes our own lives easier as well as yours. Our interests are arbitrary and related to our own daily lives. Whenever we come across a problem in our own personal or work lives, we build intelligent software solutions to make our own lives a little easier. When we think our solution might be useful for someone else like you, we will polish our software and subsequently launch it in the AppStore, PlayStore, Chrome Web Store, FireFox Add-ons Store, Edge Add-ons Store or the World Wide Web.

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All Available Services

therapini Logo therapini (iOS & Android): An AI-powered mobile app where you can talk to an AI therapist privately, getting 24/7 support via voice or text, aiding in mental and emotional well-being.

inonino Logo inonino (iOS & Android): An AI-powered app where you can imagine anything to create a story filled with cartoons & illustrations, voiceovers and background music to encourage more creativity and learning.

Accountail Logo Accountail (Web): An AI web app that can read one or more files of financial statements, and other accounting documents to create over 50+ accounting or auditing reports such as variance analysis etc.

All Sunsetted Services

8th wonder logo 8th Wonder (iOS & Android): A free and simple yet effective compounding growth calculator primarily for investors. Effortlessly calculate how much your money will grow over time.

Caloricator logo Caloricator (iOS & Android): A free and easy calories calculator to find out how many calories you should eat a day in order to lose or gain a certain amount of weight by a certain date.

Appoink logo Appoink (Web, iOS & Android): An appointment scheduling app for creators, influencers and celebrities to make money from appointment bookings made by their fans.

Picarita logo Picarita (iOS & Android): An AI app that lets you take a photo, get AI-generated description and keywords of everything in the photo, and start a conversation with AI regarding the photo.

strTranslate logo strTranslate: Make your software globally accessible. Dive into effortless multi-lingual software development, auto-detect hard-coded strings, and enjoy auto-translations for your codebase.

Motivaitor logo Motivaitor: An AI-powered mobile app where you can talk to an AI motivational coach privately, getting 24/7 support via voice or text, aiding in life, career or relationship goals.

DocuLeg Logo DocuLeg: An AI web app for lawyers, paralegals and notaries that can read one or more files of legal files and notes to create over 50+ legal documents such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) etc.

Kokkatoo Logo Kokkatoo: An AI web app that can summarize, paraphrase, generate q&a and keywords from any webpage, text or document and reads it out loud to you.